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On this page you will find everything you need to build a 3D printed Bluetooth Nerf turret .

Nothing super complex here .

The tilt and pan movement is handled by 2 servos driven by an arduino Nano .

The darts are shot using 2 rollers spun by 2 small dc motors . A servo push the darts into the rollers when the order to shoot is sent .
The magazine can hold 7 darts .

This turret is controlled via Bluetooth either using a PC app or an Android app .


PC app :

Android app :


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 - screwdriver
 - wire stripper
 - pliers
 - soldering iron
 - multi-meter

 - crimping tool .

And a 3D printer...



 - 4 M5x20 countersunk screws
 - M2x10 self taping screws (around 30)

 - 1.5mm metal rod

 - dupont connectors

 - 2.1x5.5mm jack plug

 - wires

 - 2x type 130 dc motors (rated 9V or more)

 - arduino Nano (or clone)

 - HC-05 Bluetooth module

 - LM2596 buck converter

 - 1x MG-90s  servos + 2x MG-90s or MG996r servos

 - FR207 rectifier diode

 - RFP30N06LE mosfet

 - resistors (10kΩ, 330Ω, 680Ω)

 - heatshrink tubing

 - 20mm rubber band

 - 9V power supply (2.5 amps minimum)


You can also find them on the DOWNLOAD PAGE

Some parts come in 2 versions .

The base can be fitted with either a MG-90s or a MG996r servo .


The tilt bracket and barrel can also be fitted with either a MG-90s or a MG996r servo .

MG996r servos can be power hungry . Make sure your power supply will be up to the job if you decide to use them .


There are also 2 versions of the long leg to accommodate different style of jack plugs .



bluetooth wiring.png

software (and servos setup) .

We will now see how to use the software and setup the servos .

The software comes in 3 versions :

 - An executable that you just have to download and run (this is great if you can't code .  unfortunately this only works on windows) .

 - An android app

 - A repository including all the python and UI files required to run the program . Feel free to improve and build upon the existing code !

You can also find them on the DOWNLOAD PAGE


IMPORTANT : Make sure you disconnect the Rx and Tx pins of the Bluetooth module  and the Vin pin when Uploading the program to the arduino .


 - Upload the sketch (LFK_turret_arduino.ino) to the arduino then disconnect the arduino from your computer .

 - Before plugging the power supply, unscrew the tilt, pan and recoil servos . This is to make sure that the barrel doesn't crash into the base on startup .

 - Plug the power supply .

 - Now you should be able to pair the Bluetooth module to your device (PC or android phone) .

 - If you are using a PC, find the COM port used by the Bluetooth module in the device manager .

 - Start the software then connect to the turret . If you are using the PC app you will be asked what COM port to use .

 - Screw the recoil servos horn in the furthest back position .

 - Once you are connected to the turret place you mouse cursor at the top centre of control pad then screw the tilt and pan servos with the barrel facing up .

Done!!! Load the darts and have fun!!!

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